Excuse me?

How is shipping people who you consider inspirational and fantastic moronic?

Everyone is entitled to do something they find fun and expressive, also no harm at all comes from it. If you don’t like the idea of shipping, and insult people who do like it, what are you doing on Tumblr?

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    seriously if they think shipping is serious how do they even watch the chaser without sending 32478395 complaints to the...
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    The person who thinks we’re being serious shipping them is in fact the real moron in this situation so GTFO and go get a...
  3. heartbeats-under-neon said: haters…
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    I feel like some people legit think it’s real.
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    Yep. It’s just for fun, it’s not like anyone believes for a single second that ships are real life. What’s much more...
  6. clivepughofficial said: THANK U GEORGIA xx
  7. supsquark said: It’s more that it’s just kinda really fucking creepy to take two real people with real lives and relationships and stuff and ignore that there is more to these people than what you see on a screen on a whim of “I’m going to pretend they are fucking”
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